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Robin Thicke and foodservice marketing trends

We’re starting to receive invites to begin planning 2017 foodservice marketing campaigns which, of course, reminds me of Robin Thicke. You remember Robin Thicke, right?  The pop singer heart-throb of 2013. The world would have ended for many if they couldn’t have downloaded Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines just three years ago. Oh, how times change […]

Brave new online foodservice marketing world

There are no fewer than four new mobile or online foodservice marketing applications and platforms soon to launch.  All with similar goals of directly reaching operators. And those are just the ones I’ve heard about!  The last time there was such a frenzy of activity was in 2007 right before the economy collapsed. Not that […]

Do foodservice recipe videos meet buzzworthy status?

You can’t login to your favorite social media site these days without seeing one of those BuzzFeed food videos.  Admittedly, the chocolate almond braid dessert video is hard to pass up (nearly 50 million views and counting). There’s a lot foodservice marketers can learn from the format that is dominating social media circles.  Studies find […]

When trends don’t matter in foodservice marketing

It’s that time of the year when predictions about restaurant trends for the coming year start to emerge. If I read it right, we’ll all be eating more cage-free eggs seasoned with GMO-free Sriracha with a side of Acai and a bottle of cold-brew coffee that’s all delivered by an Uber driver. So much for […]

What food marketers can learn from Donald Trump

You either love him… or hate him.  But there’s a lot we food product marketers can learn from Donald Trump. What food brand wouldn’t love 24/7 media exposure?  But that’s really the minor part. Here are a few lessons to consider from The Donald: True to his brand voice. He’s brash.  Some would say egotistical. […]