Foodservice marketing secrets from meat smoker salesman — revisited!

In September 2014, I posted a story about one of the simplest and most powerful marketing techniques I’ve experienced that would work brilliantly in the foodservice world. Since then, I’ve heard that many company sales reps used the idea well before I mentioned it. That’s good to hear.  But I also know many reps still plod […]

Powerful foodservice sales tool that most forget

We foodservice marketers love to create beautiful sell sheets and brochures that present products with elegantly styled “beauty shots.”  The theory is operators buy with their eyes as much as their stomachs. Well, that’s true to a point.  But many operators want to see what the lowly product case and raw product looks like — […]

What foodservice marketers can learn from a food smoker salesman

Recently I was strolling through a big box store and my eye caught one of those fancy food smokers that slowly feeds in wood pellets to create just the right smoke flavoring for brisket, ribs and such. The manufacturer’s rep approached me and proceeded to tell the product story through some simple virtual marketing using […]