Who really ‘tolerates’ your food product presentation?

During any given year, I participate, view or listen to about 100 food product presentations.  The audiences range from foodservice operators to CEOs of large food manufacturers. Virtually all the presentations are destined to be forgotten.  It’s nobody’s fault.  We’re all bombarded with too much information. But there are some people who have a much […]

Hard question to answer for 2015 foodservice planning

Every year about this time the predictions start flowing about next big foodservice trends.  No doubt you don’t want to miss a big culinary wave — especially if the trend is smack-dab in the middle of your product category. But understanding new trends misses the bigger point as marketers, sales pros and trainers plan for […]

The 3-3-3 approach to use foodservice product training as marketing tool

We frequently get requests to convert PowerPoints or other standard foodservice product training materials into videos or other rich media that can be shared as marketing tools for brokers, distributors and operators. The upside is there usually is a wealth of great content sprinkled throughout those 20-page decks.  But we all have endured “death by […]