Did foodservice marketing invent the rule of three?

There’s little doubt that the foodservice industry played a role in creating the “rule of three” concept. Hey, this is the home to… Bacon, lettuce and tomato; Small, medium or large; and Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Simply put, the rule suggests humans can’t interpret much beyond three things during any one setting.  Whether it’s a presentation.  Advertisement.  […]

Foodservice marketing secrets from meat smoker salesman — revisited!

In September 2014, I posted a story about one of the simplest and most powerful marketing techniques I’ve experienced that would work brilliantly in the foodservice world. Since then, I’ve heard that many company sales reps used the idea well before I mentioned it. That’s good to hear.  But I also know many reps still plod […]

Who really ‘tolerates’ your food product presentation?

During any given year, I participate, view or listen to about 100 food product presentations.  The audiences range from foodservice operators to CEOs of large food manufacturers. Virtually all the presentations are destined to be forgotten.  It’s nobody’s fault.  We’re all bombarded with too much information. But there are some people who have a much […]

Breakthrough foodservice marketing from unlikely source

221 marketing from sales I was recently invited to a client companywide sales meeting — an opportunity I always thoroughly enjoy and find eye-opening from a marketer’s standpoint. Sales meetings — and tagging along on actual sales calls — are always major sources of foodservice marketing brilliance in my experience. Why? These are events where […]