What food product marketers can learn from a vegan strip club

Most restaurant owners and managers I talk to admit they get most of their menu ideas from… … other restaurant operators. Sure, some start with old family recipes.  A few admit watching food shows for inspiration.  Never have I heard an operator say “I created this gazpacho recipe because I read a trend report that said […]

Do foodservice recipe videos meet buzzworthy status?

You can’t login to your favorite social media site these days without seeing one of those BuzzFeed food videos.  Admittedly, the chocolate almond braid dessert video is hard to pass up (nearly 50 million views and counting). There’s a lot foodservice marketers can learn from the format that is dominating social media circles.  Studies find […]

What food marketers can learn from a paper napkin

  A client recently challenged me to find a compelling reason to produce a video for his “boring” food product (his description, not mine!).   I won’t reveal the product, but we can say it’s used in most restaurants in America. I get this challenge once or twice each year.  My response is usually “go Google […]

Five keys to successful recipe videos

Illustrating food products through creative, valuable recipes are one of the traditional marketing tools for foodservice companies.  And now those recipes are coming alive more frequently through video (we know, we’ve produced a bunch of ‘em!). Here are five key factors to give your recipe videos more longevity and popularity: Focus on the product — […]