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Robin Thicke and foodservice marketing trends

We’re starting to receive invites to begin planning 2017 foodservice marketing campaigns which, of course, reminds me of Robin Thicke. You remember Robin Thicke, right?  The pop singer heart-throb of 2013. The world would have ended for many if they couldn’t have downloaded Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines just three years ago. Oh, how times change […]

Five awesome food marketing ideas from Coca-Cola, General Mills and more!

Here’s our roundup of Five Awesome Food Marketing Ideas for July 2016. The links below take you directly to the examples. Kudos to all the companies and their respective creators! General Mills Convenience & Foodservice re-born several recipes with its Red, White and Blue ideas list to celebrate Independence Day.  Well played. Martin Bros. Distributors has […]

Brand voice: Does your foodservice marketing need one?

Foodservice marketing pros love to invent new terms, models and paradigms for concepts that, at their core, have been around for ages. My recent favorite is “brand voice.”  The term seems redundant — doesn’t a brand inherently have a voice (otherwise it wouldn’t be a brand!)? I usually hear “voice” being used as how a company […]

What food product marketers can learn from a vegan strip club

Most restaurant owners and managers I talk to admit they get most of their menu ideas from… … other restaurant operators. Sure, some start with old family recipes.  A few admit watching food shows for inspiration.  Never have I heard an operator say “I created this gazpacho recipe because I read a trend report that said […]

Foodservice marketing lessons from independent operators

Working directly with independent operators is the best education any of us working in foodservice product marketing. Seminars, books (or blogs!) and conferences no doubt have value.  But spending time in a busy restaurant kitchen or talking to an executive chef about the pressures of making monthly numbers simply can’t be duplicated. Foodservice marketing gold […]