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Food marketer’s challenge: Get butts into seats

Successful restaurateurs really don’t care too much about your new food product, dishware or non-toxic cleaner, I’m sorry to say. They’re worried about getting butts in the seats tonight.  I was reminded of this a few days ago when talking to an operator as he was scrambling between the lunch and dinner shifts. I could […]

Do foodservice recipe videos meet buzzworthy status?

You can’t login to your favorite social media site these days without seeing one of those BuzzFeed food videos.  Admittedly, the chocolate almond braid dessert video is hard to pass up (nearly 50 million views and counting). There’s a lot foodservice marketers can learn from the format that is dominating social media circles.  Studies find […]

When trends don’t matter in foodservice marketing

It’s that time of the year when predictions about restaurant trends for the coming year start to emerge. If I read it right, we’ll all be eating more cage-free eggs seasoned with GMO-free Sriracha with a side of Acai and a bottle of cold-brew coffee that’s all delivered by an Uber driver. So much for […]

What food marketers can learn from a paper napkin

  A client recently challenged me to find a compelling reason to produce a video for his “boring” food product (his description, not mine!).   I won’t reveal the product, but we can say it’s used in most restaurants in America. I get this challenge once or twice each year.  My response is usually “go Google […]