What foodservice marketers can learn from TV reruns

  One of my clients recently had the brilliant suggestion that we should revisit old content we created over the years.  The simple thought was new website visitors come and go.  Why not dust off and update older posts, podcasts and videos to expose new audiences to the original content? Hey, it works for TV […]

When trends don’t matter in foodservice marketing

It’s that time of the year when predictions about restaurant trends for the coming year start to emerge. If I read it right, we’ll all be eating more cage-free eggs seasoned with GMO-free Sriracha with a side of Acai and a bottle of cold-brew coffee that’s all delivered by an Uber driver. So much for […]

What foodservice marketing and Jurassic World DON’T have in common

223 preview The movie Jurassic World is headed towards becoming the most successful film in box office history. And this is for a film for which we all know how the plot will go without ever seeing the movie. Dinosaurs will escape and terrorize humans because of some flaw in the park’s operation. Lots of […]

How does foodservice stack up with content marketing

219 content marketing stats Marketing Profs and the Content Marketing Institute recently released their annual report on how B2B companies are doing when it comes to effective content marketing. While the report does not break out foodservice separately, my gut tells me our industry lags well behind the average.  Let me know if you think […]