What drives foodservice distributors crazy about your marketing

Dave Miesse has seen the good, bad and indifferent when it comes to foodservice manufacturers trying to market their products down through the distributor sales channel.  Dave is an award-winning DSR himself who now trains distributor sales reps (DSRs) across the country.  He also leads the Association for Foodservice Distributor Representatives (AFDR). In this special […]

96.37% failure rate, yet here’s foodservice’s best sales generator

A recent survey of users found that referrals are, by far, the most effective method for closing B2B business from leads like foodservice operators.  Referrals are more critical once those leads turn into bonafide “opportunities,” the survey found. Here’s the problem:  lead-to-deal success from referrals occurs only 3.63 percent of the time.  Referrals still […]

Should sales reps tell foodservice marketers what to do?

The common miscommunication between foodservice marketing folks and their respective sales teams was perhaps best summed up by the CEO of a large frozen product company who once told me… “Marketing is all about tomorrow — but it’s all about today for sales people.” In other words, marketing focuses on how to attract customers in […]

Megatrend from 1982 impacts foodservice marketing today

By now you’ve had your fill reading about foodservice trends, predictions and guru insights on what is going to turn your marketing plans inside out for 2015. You know the routine.  Consumers want more healthy foods, locally sourced goods, ready-to-heat from the grocery or delivered by a food truck.  And make it Asian (or insert […]