video production

Ah-hah moment foodservice operators find in videos

The most-effective foodservice product videos are the ones that include an “ah-ha” moment or two.  And usually that means anything but the typical features and benefits. Few operators are intrigued with videos that rehash facts from a sales sheet.  What influences operators the most is seeing how to get the most out of a product.  […]

Satisfy a foodservice operator’s hunger?

The ever-falling cost of technology makes digital signage affordable for even small mom-and-pop restaurants these days. But the trend also provides a potential bonanza for manufacturers wanting to build loyalty among restaurant owners, colleges, corporate dining and even K-12 schools.  Yep, I’ve seen digital menu boards used in many high school cafeterias to entice student […]

Next big thing in foodservice marketing: silent movies?

I was skeptical at first, but a client recently insisted on producing two silent movies.  Food product demo videos without any narration.  No spokesperson.   No voice clues whatsoever. Sure, the no-voice thing works for highly branded consumer commercials, ala Apple. But the silent approach goes against three fundamental principles when it comes to B2B videos […]

Foodservice operator stories are becoming more important

An amazing statistic came through my email as I was packing up recently to go video a customer story for one of my clients. Sixty-five percent of an audience remembers a story during a presentation… and only about five percent remember facts. Which brings me back to customer stories.   Restaurant owners, kitchen managers and school foodservice directors love […]

What foodservice marketers can learn from first grade

Talk to any first-grade teacher and she or he will tell you they know quickly the best way to teach any student after a few classes. Marketing foodservice products is no different. Like first-graders, we all tend to learn and be influenced by either… Watching… Listening… Reading and writing… Or doing. Of course, each of […]