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Foodservice marketing ideas from Diamond Crystal, Main Lobster and more!

  Here are five inspiring ideas for food product and food equipment marketers for August 2016.  Kudos to all the companies and their respective creators! Click on a link below to go directly to the example. Fast fun food videos:  Watch this behind the scenes story about how those fast, fun recipe videos so popular on […]

What food marketers can learn from Donald Trump

You either love him… or hate him.  But there’s a lot we food product marketers can learn from Donald Trump. What food brand wouldn’t love 24/7 media exposure?  But that’s really the minor part. Here are a few lessons to consider from The Donald: True to his brand voice. He’s brash.  Some would say egotistical. […]

Don’t waste time (or money) on viral videos for your foodservice product

A few times each year I get requests from foodservice clients or prospects to produce “viral videos” as if creating such things are a simple matter of ordering them off a menu. The requests usually come in like clockwork as campaigns like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge or Burger King’s “Rainbow Whopper” grow into national […]