Unsexy but powerful foodservice product marketing

Any guess what these foodservice products are? MH 6/7/1.3Z SPCL DEL SHY DCF// BAVARIAN NJ 97% 2PC 5 OZ SLICED 4X4 WA Me neither. But they are names of important products offered by brands we all know and love. No restaurant operator would ever use these terms to search the internet for a product.  So, continuing […]

What food marketers can learn from a paper napkin

  A client recently challenged me to find a compelling reason to produce a video for his “boring” food product (his description, not mine!).   I won’t reveal the product, but we can say it’s used in most restaurants in America. I get this challenge once or twice each year.  My response is usually “go Google […]

Google just put many foodservice sites on ignore

If you haven’t heard, “mobilegeddon” has ensued and it’s highly likely your foodservice website just took a hit from Google. Websites that are not mobile-friendly get major demerits from Google in its search engine rankings starting now! I was reminded of the so-called mobilegeddon this past Monday as news alerts started bombarding me while I […]

Bet your foodservice website is like everybody else’s

Odds are good that I can tell you what your foodservice website is all about without ever looking at it… The site talks a lot about your company’s culinary expertise (and probably includes several photos of happy white-coated chefs). There are many proclamations about having the highest-quality products, innovation centers, a long rich heritage and […]

Powerful foodservice sales tool that most forget

We foodservice marketers love to create beautiful sell sheets and brochures that present products with elegantly styled “beauty shots.”  The theory is operators buy with their eyes as much as their stomachs. Well, that’s true to a point.  But many operators want to see what the lowly product case and raw product looks like — […]