The #1 rule foodservice product marketers ignore most

One of the puzzling aspects of most foodservice product marketing initiatives I come across is how few manufacturers don’t follow the #1 rule for content marketing. Effective content must reflect your customers’ perspective… not your brand’s angle! But chest-beating continues to thrive among many food brands.  These brands love to talk about themselves.  Or, even […]

Foodservice operator stories are becoming more important

An amazing statistic came through my email as I was packing up recently to go video a customer story for one of my clients. Sixty-five percent of an audience remembers a story during a presentation… and only about five percent remember facts. Which brings me back to customer stories.   Restaurant owners, kitchen managers and school foodservice directors love […]

What foodservice marketers can learn from first grade

Talk to any first-grade teacher and she or he will tell you they know quickly the best way to teach any student after a few classes. Marketing foodservice products is no different. Like first-graders, we all tend to learn and be influenced by either… Watching… Listening… Reading and writing… Or doing. Of course, each of […]

Did foodservice marketing invent the rule of three?

There’s little doubt that the foodservice industry played a role in creating the “rule of three” concept. Hey, this is the home to… Bacon, lettuce and tomato; Small, medium or large; and Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Simply put, the rule suggests humans can’t interpret much beyond three things during any one setting.  Whether it’s a presentation.  Advertisement.  […]

Food marketers often forget about the real competition

We food marketers love to talk about our products’ extraordinary virtues — especially when diplomatically dissing our competitor’s inferior products.  We live for “cuttings” to show how our frozen asparagus isn’t a mushy mess once thawed out — like the next guy’s offering. But studying features and benefits is low on the list of concerns […]