Five awesome food marketing ideas for June 2016

Here are five awesome food marketing ideas for June 2016. Kudos to all the companies and their respective creators! See for yourself! Click on a company name to go directly to the example. Basic American Foods:  Seeing is believing in this short video that illustrates how its Brilliant Beginnings potatoes stand up to the competition. […]

Five awesome foodservice marketing ideas May 2016

Occasionally I get a comment about my lack of using video in my blog. It’s been said that I don’t “walk the talk” because I don’t use much video myself even though I promote video as a key foodservice marketing idea. Before I lay out my defense… I’m happy to announce the situation is changing! Once […]

What your food company can learn from 20-something YouTubers

For video geeks like me, VidCon has become a required event to experience firsthand the trends behind online video.  The conference features scads of 20-something YouTube celebrities who manage to capture millions of views each week — a feat that is the envy of any food company. What your food company can learn from 20-something YouTubers […]

Where foodservice operators go for ideas and inspiration

218 YouTube celebration final YouTube has only been around for about 10 years yet has a larger audience than all TV networks combined — and dominates the trend of video being  watched on mobile devices. Yet, most foodservice manufacturers barely have a video or two posted on their respective websites let alone actively maintain a […]

YouTube up for grabs by a foodservice manufacturer

YouTube is the third-most visited website in the world behind #2 Facebook and #1 Google.  YouTube also is used for searching by more people other than Google (which owns YouTube). Yet, based on a (highly unscientific!) study by me looking at 10 of the largest foodservice companies, there is not a dominate player among the […]